Helling 3D Scan Sprays

 Anti-Glare 3D Scan Spray

3D Laser Scanning Anti-Reflection Spray MATT

Helling Anti-Glare 3D Scan Spray

Anti-glare spray that defines components that are too translucent or reflective to be scanned using traditional techniques. 

Produce exact – copy object scans with near – zero reflectivity interference. Capture images that might be lost when scanning waxes, synthetic plastics or shiny stone models.

  • No surface distortions or damage by use of the spray
  • Repeatable and precise uniform thin layer applications of powder.
  • Provides accurate edge representation.
  • Optimal polygon count in the 3D modeling software.
  • Economically sized can, 13 oz.
  • Easy removal by brushing, air blowing or steam cleaner.


Aerosol  single can – 400 mL
Or 12-can case


Helling 3D Laser Scanning Anti-Reflection Spray MATT

Helling 3D Laser Scanning Anti-Reflection Spray MATT prevents reflections on surfaces to be measured by 3D laser scanners.

The anti-reflective spray is particularly suitable for large measurement objects that are coated with a layer of varnish. For plastic surfaces, the suitability should be checked beforehand.

Substantial improvement in terms of health and environmental protection.

  • Very good wettability of surfaces
  • Excellent matting and coverage
  • Produces a homogeneous, smooth, closed, fine, white powder layer, which enables a precise measuring result
  • Volatile anti-reflective agent, sublimates and evaporates without residue
  • Solvent-free (free from cyclododecane)
  • No dust residues during spraying (therefore gentle on laser fan and test personnel)
  • Post-cleaning with HELLING 3D Laser Scanning Cleaner


Aerosol can – 500 mL