Specialized in precise dry milling

5-Axis Desktop Milling Machine

DS200 – 5Z is a 5-axis desktop milling machine and specialized for soft materials. Small and compact, but fast and accurate milling.

High Precision and Stability

Optimized to delicately mill with thin margin. The prostheses that require sophisticated techniques such as facial, undercut, inlay, and veneer can be milled out precisely without chipping.

Milling Materials

Zirconia, wax, PMMA, hybrid ceramic, C-type clamp

Simplified Operation

Our user-friendly software, MAXX continues milling functions to save time. You can have remote services and training and operate the machine through MAXX LINK. MAXX has more other functions to help the milling process more convenient and safe.


Amazingly easy to use, it allows to program high quality machining:

  • Of all dental restorations : crowns, copings, abutments, bridges, implant bridges, implant bars, night guards, models, etc.
  • In all raw materials : wax, PMMA, zirconium, cobalt, titanium, glass ceramic, resins, etc. while increasing tool life.


*Included cabinet. Model may vary.

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Fast and powerful spindle

  • DS200 series : 500W
  • Maximum 60,000~80,000rpm

Maximize productivity Operation of multiple machines by remote program (MAXX LINK)

Granite base frame

  • Minimized vibration, corrosion and deformation

caused by heat

  • Enabled coping margin to be thinly designed
  • Minimized margin chipping and hand finishing work

User-friendly MAXX

  • Auto calibration
  • (open system) Compatible with all scanner and CAD
  • Tool sensor to detect tool breakage
  • Continue milling function to save time
  • MAXX LINK for remote service, operation and training


AC Servo Motor

  • Servo motor suitable for high torque installed in all products
  • Stable and precise control and milling

Additional information

Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 37.5 × 49 in