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Exocad DentalCAD


Save time and streamline workflows with more than 45 new and over 85 enhanced features.

DentalCAD 3.1 Rijeka new feature and add-on modules

InCAD IO Camera Support for iTero

  • iTero NIRI technology and intraoral camera images are now automatically incorporated when designing restorations
  • Technicians can visualize the internal and external tooth structure and optimize the process of margin line tracing
  • Labs benefit from unprecedented layers of information and insights into their work

xSNAP add-on module*

  • The first model with a printable articulator
  • Previous 3D-printed jaw models only had a clip-fold articulator that allowed users to check the static occlusion
  • xSnap is a 3D-articulated system, featuring a spherical head, that allows not only a simple opening and closing movement but also

*Now available in several sizes as an add-on module for Model Creator

FullDenture IV add-on module*

  • One disc, one milling process, one denture
  • Ivoclar’s Ivotion Denture System, a complete workflow for the digital production of high-quality, removable dentures is now available
  • Ivotion combines both tooth and denture base material in one disc and provides a monolithic solution

*The FullDenture IV add-on module can be purchased at Ivoclar

Easy collaboration between labs and dentists

Smile Creator

Exocad’s smile design add-on module comes packed with new visualization and documentation options.

  • Improved color adjustment for more realistic preview images
  • New slider-based before-and-after view
  • New “Smile Design” PDF report for comprehensive documentation of the esthetic planning process, improving communication between labs and dentists
  • New “Smile Window” for instant in-face visualization throughout the CAD workflow—see the result of the design within the patient photo in real time.

Get more out of designs

Reuse custom tooth setups

Increase efficiency and reuse designs along the patient case journey.

Use the same shape and setup for a mock-up model, a clip-on smile, a temporary restoration, and the final work

Minimize design time, maximize results

Fewer steps to a final restoration

Accelerate the design of both single-unit restorations and complex, upper and lower restorations in one go.

  • Recalculate and visualize articulator movements on the fly
  • Design single-unit restorations with fewer clicks with an improved Instant Anatomic Morphing function
  • Enjoy even more highly automated generation of crowns when a pre-op scan is available—the previous anatomy copies automatically, making it faster and easier to preserve the function and anatomical shape for the patient

Improved Full Denture Module

Get more control over your denture design.

  • Now customize posterior setups as well, allowing more control over denture setups
  • Easily expand libraries by saving individual presets, now also in single-arch dentures

More intuitive Model Creator

Model creation is now even more automated.

  • New “Quick Models” function for highly automated model creation saves time and minimizes user input during model design
  • Choose between three different types of quick models to best meet your individual needs

Integrate more smoothly with lab equipment

Market-leading Virtual Articulator
This fine-tuned module offers top-tier functionality.
  • Virtual Articulator module provides an accurate simulation of more real, physical articulators than any other CAD software*
  • Now works with even more devices, including the popular Ivoclar and SAM articulators.

*Data on file

Integrate more smoothly with lab equipment

Mill and print with ease

Enjoy more intuitive workflows with exocam and more integrations with exoprint.

  • Newly modernized exocam, exocad’s integrated CAM solution for milling machines, offers a more intuitive production workflow that requires minimal training to perform most CAM-related tasks
  • For 3D printing, exoprint now integrates with many additional devices, enabling direct production workflow integration from exocad with more than 40 3D printers, including those of the most popular manufacturers

Further major highlights

Improved case documentation

New built-in screenshot management tools make it possible to collect, edit, and tag screenshots.

Anatomic free-forming features for improved use

The affected parts of the design are now visually highlighted, offering a quick overview of the adaptation parameters to be applied.

New stock abutment design workflow

Enables the design of implant-based restorations based on stock abutment libraries.


Simplify Your Design Journey
DentalCAD 3.1 Rijeka Highlights