AutoScan-DS-EX Pro(H)

Embrace The 5.0 MP Era

Embrace The 5.0 MP Era

  • Ultra-high Accuracy
  • Unparalleled Details
  • Outstanding Scan Speed
  • Flexible Workflow
  • Backstage Data Processing
  • Versatile Scan Modes

Ultra-high Accuracy

Scan accuracy ≤ 8 μm assures reliable scan result, satisfying the requirement of various applications in dental industry completely.


Bite scan


1-4Dies/ 5-8Dies


Upper/ Lower jaw scan


Impression scan


Flexible Workflow

Set up your own workflow as you prefer, increasing work efficiency like never before, all-in-one and triple tray are available to get complete scan data with less steps.

Backstage Data Processing

Scan and backstage data processing can be carried out simultaneously, making the whole process more efficient.

Versatile Scan Modes

The new software associated with AutoScan-DS-EX Pro(H) can support versatile scan modes, including Multi Path Scan, High Quality Scan, AI Scan, Texture Scan, HDR Mode Scan, Reduce High Brightness Scan, etc.

Technical specifications

ModelAutoScan-DS-EX Pro(H)
Camera Resolution2*5.0 MP
Accuracy8 μm
Scan TimeBite scan: 7s; Upper/Lower jaw scan: 14s; 1~4 dies scan: 18s; 5~8 dies scan: 30s; Impression scan: 66s;
Articulator ScanSupport articulator transfer
Output FormatSTL, PLY, OBJ
Light SourceBlue Light
Dimension385*260*270 mm
Weight5.0 Kg
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Power SupplyDC 24V

Minimum computer specifications

System Win7, Win10 and Win11 (64 bit only)
USB Ports Scanner needs one USB 3.0 port
Display Card Nvidia GeForce Graphics card, Nvidia GTX1060 or RTX 3070 or better
Memory 32G Ram, preferred
CPU Intel Core i7 or better
RAM Memory 16G or better


AutoScan-DS-EX Pro(H), developed and manufactured by SHINING 3D, is a 3D dental scanner with powerful functions for multiple applications covering scans of impressions, plaster models, articulators, implant abutments, etc. Its high-resolution cameras, advanced algorithms, and user-friendly interface bring you with superior data quality with optimal experience.



Included with your AutoScan-DS-EX Pro(H) is everything you need to start printing out of the box.

  • AutoScan DS-EX Pro
  • 1 x Scanning Software (Perpetual License, No Ongoing Subscription Fees)
  • Free Lifetime Tech Support from Shining 3D.