A 5-axis milling machine developed by UP3D, equipped with intelligent features such as automatic calibration, monitoring of burs life, and automatic renewal, the P53 digitizes and scales up traditional processing methods. 

Automatic Calibration: Calibration with one click. Automatic calibration ensures the milling machine in high-precision milling mode.

Save Materials: Crown, bridge, coping, implant, full denture and other restoration cases. Support multiple materials, zirconia, wax, PEEK, PMMA, etc.

Supports the 90° Vertical Milling: The 90° vertical milling method can make the design of the front teeth more aesthetic.

Independent R&D: All hardware and software are developed by Up3d. Intelligent control system perfectly merged with durable and integrated design.

Intelligent: A dental milling machine that defines the era of intelligent dental laboratories.

UPCNC Software: One interface for multi-mills, easy to operate and one-click milling


One-piece castingframework Portable, precise andgreat durability


UPCAM is the dental nesting software that is self-research and developed by UP3D, it has obtained multiple patents of invention and technical breakthroughs in the industry.

  • Supported Types
  • Crown
  • Coping
  • Crown bridge
  • Screw retained
  • Crown abutment al-on-4/6
  • inlay/onlay
  • Veneer
  • Ultra-fin veneer
  • Telescopic crown
  • Full denture with teeth
  • Full denture without teeth
  • Night guard
  • Square block and round disc

Technical specifications

Axis:5-axis simultaneously motion
Milling Range:X/Y/Z: 170/215/105mm A: ±30° B: 360°
Milling Mode:Dry Milling
Max Rotate Speed:30,000rpm
Max Feed Rate:3,000mm/min
Tool Library:11 tools
Tools Changing:Automatic (air pressure>0.5MPa)
Spindle Cooling:Air compression (Air pressure 0.25-0.35MPa)
Milling Materials:Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, PEEK and soft material
Milling Time:Coping: Zirconia – 10min, Wax – 4.5 min. Crown: Zirconia – 13min, Wax – 5.5 min
Tools diameter:2+1+0.6 (Φ 4)
Spindle Power:0.52KW (max)
Max Power:0.8KW
Input Voltage:AC 185-235V, 50~60Hz
Dimension:443.5x718x628.5 (mm)


Precision 90° Milling with P53DC
New Full Dental CAD/CAM Solution


P53 Brochure
P53 Flyer

Included with your P53 is everything you need to start printing out of the box.

  • 1 x Milling machine
  • Lifestime technical support from UP3D
  • 2 Sets of Diamond Coated cutting tools
  • 1x UPCam software license with free updates