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AutoScan-DS-MIX is a high-end dental 3D scanner developed by SHINING 3D. With an open design and modular structure, AutoScan-DS-MIX features fine details, high accuracy, and high efficiency to fulfill users’ demands of a wide range of dental applications including crown & bridge, implant, bar, etc.

More Than Details

  • 2×5.0 MP cameras
  • Accuracy ≤7μm
  • Intelligent scan
  • High-end implant and veneer applications


Ultra-fine Details

Thanks to dual 5.0 MP high resolution cameras, AutoScan-DS-MIX can perfectly capture edge lines of abutments and features of scan bodies. 2*1.3MP vs. 2*5.0MP

High Accuracy

Scan accuracy ≤7μm assures reliable scan result.

High Efficiency

AutoScan-DS-MIX supports high-efficiency scan mode: 13 seconds for scanning a full arch. 

With an All-in-one scan, it can improve scan efficiency by approx. 30%.



Single Jaw


1-4Dies/ 5-8Dies




Note: speedy mode for impression; default mode for others

Flexible Articulator Scan

AutoScan-DS-MIX supports not only dynamic and static two scan modes for most common articulators, but also supports articulator transfer for Artex, Kavo, SAM and Bio-Art articulators.

Versatile Applications

With exceptional scan performance, AutoScan-DS-MIX supports versatile dental scan applications, inlc. abutment, scan body, articulator, all-in-one, impression, texture, etc.


Non-separated full jaws scan improves scan process efficiency by approx 30%.

Intelligent Add-Scan

With the scan software supporting automatic detection of unscanned surfaces and automatic add-scan, AutoScan-DS-MIX offers intuitive user experience.

Screw Channel Sealing

Users can seal the screw channel in the scan software, which optimizes the scan workflow.

Technical specifications

Camera Resolution2×5.0MP
Accuracy≤7μm (ISO12836)
Articulator ScanDynamic/static; support articulator transfer
Output FormatSTL, PLY
Light SourceBlue Light
Power SupplyDC24V
Scan Timebite scan: 6 seconds
upper/lower jaw scan: 13 seconds
1-4 dies scan: 18 seconds
5-8 dies scan: 33 seconds
impression scan: 32 seconds

Minimum computer specifications

System Win7, Win10 and Win11 (64 bit only)
USB Ports Scanner needs one USB 3.0 port
Display Card Nvidia GeForce Graphics card, Nvidia GTX1060 or RTX 3070 or better
Memory 32G Ram, preferred
CPU Intel Core i7 or better
RAM Memory 16G or better



AutoScan-DS-MIX Brochure